UP brings Cambodia to the World

  • Strong international reach with over 100 MOUs, memberships &
    affiliations with institutions world wide
  • Exchange programs & international attachments for UP undergraduates  – each year approx. half of UP students will have an international visit
  • English tuition – allowing Cambodians to embrace the world using the
    Language of International Success
  • World class curricula & teaching to ensure that Cambodian
    graduates are on the World Stage

UP Brings the World to Cambodia

  • Internationally trained & qualified Academic staff
  • Regular visits from international experts

High Quality

  • Top Performing Faculties/Schools in National Exit Exams
  • High Proportion of PhD & Masters degrees in the academic faculties: 71% of academic staff have Doctoral degrees & 82% have Masters or above
  • Focused, Professional English Program for the Health Sciences & IT, Free Of Charge.

Modern Methods for a Modern World

  • Monthly Repayment Plan spreads payments, making it easier for students.
  • Convenience: Payments by WING
  • Online Digital Library – allowing access to the World’s Knowledge, with modern world-class learning methods

Dedicated Learning & Teaching Department

  • Committed to ensuring UP Graduates’ employability – best graduates get the best jobs & the highest salaries!

High Proportion of Women in the Academia

  • Empowering women in society through education. 51% of our students, 47% of our staff & 38% of our leaders are female.

Strong Community Focus in Corporate & Academic Programs

  • UP spearheads community outreach programs for high school students to help them prepare for higher studies & conducts regular missions to help the underprivileged.

Industry-engaged Research Panel

  • Brains Trust – UP’s leading researchers conducting International level research & publishing in International journals – international standards for partners & students
  • Work-Ready Graduates from Day 1